Video for home insurance

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May 1, 2014

Video for home insurance

The client needed a TV spot to promote their new product for home insurance.

They were introduced to several ideas and after choosing the most fitting one we proceed with the production. We used original poem written by a famous local poet for the purpose of the advertisement and supported it with stock footage collage. This made a unique emotional piece which moved the hearts of the audiences.

The content of the poem followed by suiting video and emotional music has elevated the public consciousnesses for the need of save home. The copy is stressing the contrast of enjoyment in safety with the possibility of risks happening when you least expect, as a fact of life. There are good and bad things happening all the time. Life i like that, it is not nice and safe all the time, but it is still beautiful. And when you are insured, you can enjoy it more, and have your fears erased, and live fully and with ease.

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