Let’s move our hearts – visual for humanitarian race

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April 29, 2014
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April 24, 2014

Let’s move our hearts – visual for humanitarian race

This was a wonderful chance to show our creativity. We had to come up with a tagline and visual for humanitarian race which was a part of the "Social Active Day" activities for the clients employees.

Considering that this race was between the employees on the stairs of their tall building, and money from the prizes were donated to the organizations of the winners choosing, our tagline bares two meanings, both of which are connected with what it represents. Let's move our hearts - meaning be physically active and have healthy heart, and in the same time be humane and think about others and their needs.

The visual enforces the message and in the same time reflects brightness and fun. Personification of a smiling running heart was a perfect match for this kind of an event.

The solution was wholeheartedly welcomed by the client and all of the employees who were part of this Social Active Day. It was used on all of the materials for the promotion of the event and on participant's T-shirts.


Osiguruvanje Makedonija


October 11, 2017

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