The importance of NOW

We live NOW as never before, losing focus of past and future. LIVE is the new present, and ONLINE is the new reality. Traditional social structures are crumbling and new systems are emerging organically. This has implications for business, and more significantly for marketing and advertising. The digital marketing world is using automated algorithms to lure audiences into buying, but it is forgetting the human factor.



Motokko's heart is the cyborgization of marketing processes today, instead of lifeless automation. It stands for creating projects that are dynamic, adaptable, and digital, yet still humane. It is about stories that people love. It is about adventures that give us tingles. It is about living in our world and still discovering the new and unexpected.

At Motokko we do not see the advertising industry as being fuelled simply by creative self-indulgence propelled by competing agencies, but rather as morphing and continuously accommodating conversation in the realm of ever changing media. With new technology and new ways of communicating and collaborating the list of services we provide is expanding daily. Our ever adapting team of freelancers enables us to continually change with the preferences of each target audience. In this sense we are always learning and using our extensive experience to deliver fast and timely responses to new trends.

Traditional advertising

If you still believe in the old good TV/Radio/Newspaper trinity, we can make it all happen. Video production, and all around ATL campaign is the stuff we've begŠ°n with. You want it with a little digital spin off? - We can do it all..


Brochures, catalogues, flyers, actions and promotions are the must for some products. Add to this> events and conferences for the most sophisticated. High quality design matched with the perfect copy - it sells itself


The digital kingdom is ruling everyone's pockets. With us, you will get into their pockets even faster than before. Blogging, Tweeting, Instagraming, Pinning, SEM, SMM, display ads, and Content marketing. Just name it, we can do it.


The never-aging propaganda tool is quickly adapting to new media, but the techniques remain the same. You want everybody talking about you, but without knowing where they came up with the idea from? Just ask the experts.


follow us or not, the decision is yours